the resistance


Dec 2018


8:00 PM

Resistance, Popcorn Edition: Zombies, Jedi, and the Fight Against Fascism

Online/Phone Only United States

Click here to register. What makes movies ‘political’, and how is what we watch on the big screen related to what we do online, at the ballot box, and in the street? In other words, what is the Marxist understanding of culture? Join film critic and cultural journalist Chauncey K. Robinson and arts educator Michelle […]

Jan 2018


8:00 AM

Women’s March: Power to the Polls

A little over a year ago, the Women's March's brought literally millions into the streets to protest Donald Trump's inauguration and everything it represented. It was a hugely important moment in the resistance highlighting the leading role of women, a role that has only grown since. This year's march is just a few week's away […]