Rhode Island Club fundraiser a success

BY: Rhode Island Club, CPUSA| July 21, 2022
Rhode Island Club fundraiser a success


The Rhode Island Club of the CPUSA’s raffle recently ended. We raffled off five sets of Soviet-era  posters to benefit our mutual aid and outreach activities. Through the raffle we raised just over $300.00, and we are extremely thankful for the support from participants and the Party. This was a fun way to jumpstart our club treasury, so on behalf of the RI CPUSA, thank you!

The Rhode Island Club’s primary focuses now are political education, mutual aid, and mass work, doing whatever we can in the short term to make our community a better place and work with other groups to form a united front.

The proceeds of the raffle will help fund our mass work, which is based on broad community-based coalition building and includes mutual aid. We cook around 30 meals per month and distribute them as well as provide harm reduction supplies to our homeless neighbors. In doing so, we engage with them directly, learn a bit about how to help on the political front, and relieve some of the financial burden placed upon them by a system that has condemned them to abject poverty. These meals cost a lot of money to make, as we try to make sure they are tasty and nutritious. We also provide water, snacks, and fruit.

We are working actively with Red Ink Community Library to host two public reading groups: The Fundamentals of Political Economy and the Introduction to Socialism. So far, these groups have brought in several people from all walks of the ideological spectrum, and our task is to demonstrate the superiority of socialism through comparison with other economic doctrines. These events are not free: Red Ink costs $20 an hour to rent, and we usually print the literature to provide hard copies to the participants. This gives them something tangible to hold on to, a veritable reference guide for their future socialist endeavors.

We also table on weekends at random Providence public parks so that we can talk to passers-by and hand them literature. We’ll use the funds to replenish our supply of literature.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the fundraiser!

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