International Greetings: Palestinian People’s Party

BY: | May 25, 2010

Dear Comrades,

The Palestinian People’s Party sends the deepest greetings for your national congress that is convening in these days in New York.

We highly remark the fraternal relations between our two parties, and convey our aspirations for a successful congress.

Dear Comrade,

We deeply appreciate the international solidarity with our cause, especially against the Israeli siege on Gaza. More eminence efforts are needed to make it more profound and precise. The entire world now including the US and to certain extent Israel talks about the two state solution, and about a viable Palestinian state. Which is very vague and ambiguous option. What we really need now is solidarity with three coordinated dimensions: political, economical as well as legal.

The first dimension is the political dimension that needs to take additional steps towards an international position that recognizes a sovereign and independent Palestinian state on the border of June 4, 1967.

Its time, that the Security Council and the world recognize these borders. As the PPP is pushing forward to raise this issue to the Security Council

The term “Viable state” according to the Israelis, is a diminished state with temporary borders on small part of the Palestinian occupied territories. In 1993, the number of settlers was less than one hundred thousand settler, now it is half a million settler. Therefore, the position of our party is: no more direct negotiations or indirect negotiations with the Israeli government while the settlements activities continues. We should not give Israel the cover of negotiations, in order to impose new realities and postponing the main components of the Palestinian problem as Jerusalem, refugees, permanent borders, settlements, and water.

The second dimension is the boycott dimension. We think that the leftist parties have a main task now, by leading and supporting the international movement for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

Five years after the ICJ Advisory Opinion, and then one year after the Goldstone report, Israel has yet to be held accountable for its widespread and systematic violations of international law, including the going on construction of the apartheid Wall. International aid continues to flow to the State of Israel. It happened recently that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development-OECD has decided the accession of Israel into the organization. For Israel, membership in the OECD would mean a victory and rewarding violations of the international law. . Israel has refused to comply with the OECD demand to provide statistical data, excluding the illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories (OPT).

It only takes one OECD country to oppose the integration of Israel into the organization in order to block the process, but for our deep regret the OECD has accepted Israel. We think that such attitude would not place pressure to end all arms trading with Israel especially from the US. Also it will be understood by Israel as an encouragement for its settlement activities. 

The third dimension is to file “Law fare” cases against Israeli officials. It is necessary too, to consider a UN Security Council resolution on Goldstone recommendations. If the adoption of the Goldstone recommendations by the Security Council appears unlikely, the second option will be invoking the “Uniting for Peace” resolution by the General Assembly of the UN, depending on the precedent of South Africa in 1981.

Taking the Goldstone report, communist and leftists’ parties should call for the formation of human rights and legal commissions among their members to file cases against the Zionist war criminals.

We wish you again all the success in your congress and for the Red-Green coalition in the coming general elections in September.

Thank you,

Palestinian People’s Party


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