Greetings from the Communist Party of Cuba

BY: Communist Party of Cuba| June 12, 2014

Dear  comrades:

I would have liked to be present with all of you in this magnificent event, but again in our long history of blockade, the irrational policy that try to separate our two peoples have prevailed.

On behalf of the Communist Party of Cuba and the Cuban people, we would like to convey our fraternal and solidarity greetings to the 30th National Convention of the Communist Party of the United States, and to express our deepest gratitude for giving us the possibility to try to participate in this important event.

The CPUSA and our Party have had a long history of working together and of real friendship. They have also shared a common history of struggles for the proletariat, to build a Socialist system where social justice is the priority and against imperialism.

For the Communist Party of Cuba, the only alternative to the crisis of the neoliberal capitalism is the Socialism; it guarantees full independence as an important condition to development, social justice and solidarity; respect to environment and the right of peoples to choose democratically, the society project that each nation decides.

In a world today, where 4 generation wars, subversion and the promotion of social violence are used as ways of destabilization and regime change, the unity and integration among all revolutionary forces are critical to promote peace and understanding among all countries in the world.

Cuba came out of a tough economic crisis that lasted more than 10 years and now is facing the consequences of a terrible world economic crisis and the tightening of the criminal, financial, commercial and economic blockade imposed by the U.S.

Under this complex situation, the historical leadership of our Revolution in a permanent exchange with the people analyzed the necessary measures to preserve our main social conquests and make changes that will lead to social and economic transformations, with an adequate use of available resources, the needed search for efficiency and a greater economic rationality to the current circumstances.

Over the last years, we have celebrated the VI Congress and the I Conference of our Communist Party which established the economic and social guidelines and the political objectives for the coming years. Some of the main aspects included in the guidelines approved and that show with clarity that we are not moving towards capitalism are:

  1. Socialist state ownership over the fundamental means of production will be dominant and a socialist distribution will be the basic tenet.  

  2. Planning and not free trade, as an essential foundation of the national economy.

  3. Keep the social achievements and guarantee social security, free of charge access of all people to education, healthcare, massive sport practice and culture.

  4. We will keep the principle of international solidarity and cooperation with the World. In accordance with this principle, we have worked in more than 120 countries since the 1960´s.

  5. The concentration of property is not permitted.

  6. We won´t permit the implementation of shock therapies that terribly affect labor and working class in the capitalist world.

  7. Last but not least, nobody in Cuba will be abandoned to his luck or destiny. Social security and protection will continue to be a priority.

Also in Cuba, we are fighting a very important battle. Last September marked 15 years since the U.S. government arrested the Cuban Five in Miami and began a scandalous judicial process plagued with juridical arbitrariness and abuses.

We have to stop that crime. We have to come together and work hard until all are freed and the real terrorists will go to prison, as they should. I know that many people in hundreds of places, all over the world and especially in the U.S. are fighting very hard for their release.

Under the maxim 15 Years is Enough!, the International Meeting of Solidarity “Five Days for The Five” has just concluded  in Washington DC, with a commitment to intensify actions to secure the liberation of the Cuban anti-terrorist fighters. In that sense we appreciate very much all the intensive work that CPUSA has done and the important Resolution proposed for approval in the Convention.

In the spirit of friendship and solidarity that characterize the relations between our two parties, we wish you a big success in your thoughtful deliberations and we congratulate you for your tireless fight among the progressive movement in the U.S.

Long live the fraternal relations between the peoples of Cuba and the United States!
Long live Socialism!
Alberto Prieto Sanchez
Communist Party of Cuba


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