Global day of action calls for peace in Ukraine

BY: Communist Party USA| March 11, 2022
Global day of action calls for peace in Ukraine


March 6, 2022, was a global day of action calling for immediate ceasefire in Ukraine. Comrades from around the country gathered in their communities to protest. Here’s a sampling of activities.

New York City: YCL members went out to Times Square last Saturday along with other anti-war groups to say no to NATO intervention in Ukraine, and to demand an end to escalation on all sides. In the midst of widespread calls for a NATO-implemented “no fly zone” over Ukraine, members from all over the city came down to rally against these calls for war with Russia. The no fly zone, misunderstood as a purely defensive measure, would effectively be a major act of aggression against Russia. It would involve NATO and its allies shooting down Russian aircraft, surely escalating the conflict to a potentially nuclear stage that would put far more lives in danger.

Among a crowd of Ukrainian nationalists and other opportunists, the New York YCL stood strong in their resolve for an anti-war solution. Further, they called for an abolition of NATO entirely, an institution birthed with the intention of imperialism and which hasn’t let up since. NATO continues to be the driving force behind international violence and war, consistently putting profits before lives in its efforts. The YCL denounces NATO and the United States government’s role in the conflict in Ukraine and calls for absolute de-escalation before a world war erupts once more.

In downtown Detroit young comrades joined more than 100 protesters. A YCL member spoke at the rally.

The Indiana District participated in a rally at Monument Circle in Indianapolis.










Dallas: Party members joined the Dallas Anti-War Committee and other groups at the Grassy Knoll.




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