Convention Discussion: Party Candidates

BY: Peter Korman| February 20, 2014

Submitted by Peter Korman of Indiana

I urge the party to adopt this policy which will greatly help us defeat the far right and reactionary forces in the United States as well as firmly plant a foothold for the road to socialism in both the United States and the world in a democratic manner that falls in place with the United States Constitution.

This motion calls upon the party to establish it to be common practice to for its members to be able to run for local offices using the party name.

Doing this at the state and local level will greatly show the people that there is a better alternative that can be chosen besides the two far right parties that are currently governing and are acting as proxies for the corporations. Using several different media campaigns would make this extremely possible in today’s technological age. Therefore be it resolved that we need to move towards peoples and workers democracies within our local councils and states.

The views and opinions expressed in the Convention Discussion are those of the author alone. The Communist Party is publishing these views as a service to encourage discussion and debate. Those views do not necessarily reflect the views of the Communist Party, its leading bodies or staff members. The CPUSA Constitution, Program, and all its existing policies remain in effect during the Convention discussion period and during the Convention.

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30th National Convention, Communist Party USA
Chicago | June 13-15, 2014


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