An open letter to Illinois comrades

BY: Shelby Richardson| October 27, 2020
An open letter to Illinois comrades


I approach this letter as one does to family, friends, and co-workers during the holiday season when appreciation is expressed. This one is done in a similar manner, the occasion being the election season coming to a close. Comrades in Illinois have been very active and working with their unions and mass organizations for a large vote in the November election against the Republican Party and Trump administration, which have been anti–working class for nearly four years.

During the Trump presidency you have observed his disdain for the working class, the nationally and racially oppressed, women, immigrants, the disabled, and the LGBTQ community, and of course his anti-communism. His lies have been too numerous to list, but you have heard them. His most egregious lie was that COVID-19 would just disappear (until he caught it), which has led to tens of thousands of deaths.

In spite of this Trumpian nightmare, you have demonstrated political maturity. You have urged your families, friends, contacts, and co-workers to throw Trump out of office. You have stayed abreast of the thinking of your Party through the People’s World, the website, and social media. For this the entire Party is proud.

But the battle of this election season is not over. Now we have to peacefully protect the vote. Our win must not be stolen! Continue your good work and join peaceful resistance actions by unions and mass organizations.

A special appreciation is given to those Communist Party members who are recently new to the party, scattered throughout the state where party structure is fragile or non-existent. You have found your way to the Party because you know a better world is possible and that it must be built! You realize it will be with socialism that the new world will be achieved.

Take care and be safe.

The struggle continues,

Shelby Richardson
District Organizer of Illinois

Artwork: Arturo Cambron



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