Marxist IQ: Happy May Day! (answers)

Marxist IQ: Happy May Day! (answers)


1. Marxists and Communists see the capitalist state as


c. a state controlled in the last analysis by the capitalist class.


2. On the issue of rights and freedoms, Karl Marx distinguished between which of the following?


b. Formal/paper rights and freedoms and effective/implemented rights and freedoms


3. The May Day demonstrations from the beginning were aimed at having workers


a. participate in and advance the struggles for effective democracy.


4. After the civil war, Marx believed that the U.S. was one of the nations most likely to see the rise of a mass socialist workers’ movement because


a. the U.S. had no large feudal classes and institutions in its history.
b. the defeat of the slaveholders and the abolition of slavery removed the greatest obstacle to working-class unity.
c. the U.S. had more advanced democratic institutions than any other nation at the time.
d. All of the above


5. Since the rise of mass parties for socialism in the years that followed the first May Day demonstrations, Marxist socialists have since the 19th century differentiated themselves from both anarchists and non-Marxist socialists by which of the following?


a. Their commitment to building working-class political power to establish a socialist state that will abolish capitalism and replace it with socialism



0 wrong: Theoretician. Write an article! Teach a class!
1 wrong: Developed Marxist. Form a study group, join the party.
2 to 3 wrong: Class-conscious worker – study harder.
4 to 5 wrong: Danger! deviations possible. study and then study some more lest you drift into the marsh of opportunism!