How to participate in Pre-Convention Discussion


You can participate in Pre-Convention Discussion in several ways:


Send an audio or video contribution,  Post a video of five minutes or less to YouTube, Vimeo or other online hosting platforms, then email the link to by June 1, 2019.  We cannot edit or prepare video contributions for you


Send a written contribution.  Written documents should be in the form of an electronic document (Microsoft Word, .pdf, or other standard format), or in the text of an email, with the author’s name, club/district or organizational affiliation (where possible), and a word count.  Submissions should not be longer than 1000 words. Both English and Spanish contributions are welcome; however, we do not have the resources to translate all submissions.  If you would like assistance with translation, we suggest you contact your local district for support.   Written contributions should be emailed to by June 1, 2019.


Propose a resolution. To propose a resolution for consideration by the National Convention, email it to by May 15, 2019.


Suggest revisions to the Draft Program. Suggestions for specific revisions or amendments to the Draft Program should be emailed to no later that May 15, 2019.  We encourage you to identify the passage in question as clearly as possible (including with a page number) and to propose specific wording for the revision or amendment.


Comment, or respond to comments, on the CPUSA Facebook page and website. All written and video submissions will be posted to and the Communist Party USA Facebook page. You will need a Facebook account to submit comments in either forum.  Comments will be moderated in the interest of maintaining a comradely environment for discussion.


Participate in online seminars to discuss the new draft Party program. We will be organizing thematic seminars throughout Pre-Convention Discussion.  Topics include class and democratic struggle, realities of the U.S. working class, unity against the extreme right, and the role of the CPUSA.  Click here to register.  Even if you can’t participate in real time, you’ll receive a recording of the sessions.

We expect reasonable care to be taken in preparing submissions. Please do your best to thoroughly edit, spell-check, and proofread your written contribution so that it’s ready for publication. Likewise, take care that your audio/video submission has clear sound and/or image. In addition, all submissions should include the name of the author or authors and, where possible, their club/district or organizational affiliation.


We hope for and expect a thoroughly free and open discussion, but, as a working class organization, we will not accept contributions that are offensive, profane, defamatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-working class, or anti-communist. In addition, you should:


  • Keep it comradely:  This is a discussion of ideas, not individuals.  Name-calling, accusations, or insults have no place in this collective work.
  • Keep it focused: Address a specific point and make your argument as directly as possible. If you want to address more than one topic, you are welcome to send more than one submission.
  • Keep it accessible:  Some comrades have academic training or years of experience in the movement. Others do not.  Keep your language as straightforward as possible.  Explain special terminology or historical references.
  • Keep it real: We encourage you to bring in your personal experiences from the struggles you’ve been involved in. Let people know what worked and what didn’t. The most useful contributions will be based on real activity.


Submissions that do not meet these guidelines may be rejected or returned for revision, at the discretion of the pre-Convention discussion committee.


We look forward to hearing from you! ¡La lucha continua!