French Communist Party: It’s the American society that stifles

French Communist Party: It’s the American society that stifles

The murder of George Floyd by police last Monday in Minneapolis raises indignation and anger throughout the United States. Tens of thousands of protesters day and night throughout the country cry out for justice. What Americans want is to bring down the US systemic racism.


The exasperation and frustration in recent days led to scenes of riots, whose main leaders are Donald Trump’s political and law enforcement.


“I cannot breathe,” “I cannot breathe,” the last words of George Floyd, suffocated by police, set fire to the powder in a deeply unequal society.


African Americans represent about 15% of the population but remain largely left out, as shown, most recently, in the number of victims of Covid19 and cohorts of men and women rushed into unemployment and poverty crisis. Nearly 40 million Americans have filed unemployment compensation claims since March.


Since the 2016  powerful #BlackLivesMatter movement, nothing has been done by US leaders and the Trump Administration to end the structural racism promoted by the ruling class, the class prejudices, and structural police behavior.


Instead, murders, demonstrations, racist and class violence have increased, encouraged by the statements and actions of President Trump. And the number of young African Americans among the victims of police violence remains 20 times higher than in other population groups.


“I cannot breathe.”  It is the whole American society that stifles.


The French Communist Party (PCF) wants to give support to the family of George Floyd; the movement for civil rights, equality, and justice in the United States; and the democratic and left forces fighting the policies of Donald Trump and wanting to transform American society.


What Americans want is to end this intolerable injustice regime; it is a political struggle against socioeconomic inequality and for democratic reform of justice, demilitarization, and redefinition of police doctrine.


French Communist Party
Paris, May 30, 2020