What is the Communist Party’s stance on religion and religious people?

April 29, 2016

The Communist Party’s aims are fully in harmony with the ethical principles and aspirations of the great religious traditions of our world. We seek to unite people, regardless of their worldview or religion, in the struggle for social progress and, ultimately, for socialism.

The United States has a long history of progressive religious activity, from struggles for civil liberties in the Colonial era, through the Abolitionist movement of the nineteenth century, to the 20th century struggles for peace and civil rights. Up to the present day, progressive religious activity is an important voice for defense of labor, immigrant rights, defense of the environment, for peace, for racial and gender equality. As Communists, we cherish this history and the legacy of great religion-based progressive and working-class leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothy Day and Cesar Chavez.

The Communist Party USA encourages people of faith to join our Party. As a secular political organization CPUSA treats all on a basis of equality, without discrimination, welcoming members of all religious beliefs and those of none. We have a national Religion Commission, which seeks to build the unity of progressive religious currents in our country.

Looking to the future, we advocate and fight for “Bill of Rights” socialism, in which freedom of conscience, including the freedom of religious believers and institutions to operate freely, will be a fundamental principle.

Henry Millstein

Religion Commission, CPUSA


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