Is capitalism democratic?

April 30, 2016

Capitalism depends on restricting democracy.  Socialism depends on expanding democracy.  It is well known that giant corporations and the top .1% promote voter suppression and invest enormous sums in election campaigns to get candidates elected who will represent corporate interests and give them tax breaks at the expense of funding the needs of the 99%.. Giant corporations pay less to women and African American, Latino, Asian Pacific and native American workers in order to increase their profits.  As well, they also use divisive tactics to try and destroy unions which give workers a collective voice. The working people and ordinary people of all generations in our country are suffering from policies that rob government of the financial ability to expand democratic rights for all – including health care, education, housing, infrastructure, child care, all of which would create millions of jobs. Expanding democracy, expanding equality and economic and social justice, is the essence of socialism.  We demand democratic rights under capitalism and organizing around our vision of socialism to fully achieve a country “of, by, and for the people.”

Capitalism is fundamentally undemocratic. Neither we the people, nor our elected representatives get a voice or vote on the most vital issues, such as: whether jobs stay in our communities or go elsewhere; what products or services should be produced and where. Real democracy means moving toward a socialist system that gives the people the power to make these decisions.

Joelle Fishman

Political Action Commission, CPUSA


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