September 21, 2001

Delegates, Guests, Fraternal Parties –
Welcome to Milwaukee, a city rich in working class history and tradition!
Welcome to the 27th National Convention of the Communist Party USA!
We are deeply honored by the presence of great world leaders and comrades
from many nations.

We come together on this momentous occasion as veteran
comrades and new members, sisters and brothers, arm-in-arm in the struggle
against the extreme right wing and for justice, equality, peace and a
socialist future.

We come from the Southwest deserts, demanding equal rights
for new immigrant workers.

We come from the election districts of the Southeast,
demanding that every vote be counted.

We come from the Northern borders, demanding an end to
capitalist globalization’s desecration of the earth and its people.

We come from the cities coast to coast, demanding a living
wage and the right to a union job.

We come from the rural heartland, demanding parity for
family farmers.

We come from the workplaces and communities of African
American, Mexican American, Puerto Rican, Asian-Pacific Islander, Native
American and European American working families demanding equality and
an end to discrimination and bigotry.

We come because in our land of plenty, we are angry and
it is unacceptable that any child should go hungry, that any family should
go without decent housing and health care, that any person should be without
a good, unionized job, that any citizen should be denied their right to

We come because we are filled with hope and determination
for the serious battles in front of us, joining hands with allies and
friends in labor and community – We Will Not Go Back!

We come together, on this 20th anniversary of the Extraordinary
Milwaukee Conference of the Communist Party USA, which launched the concept
of building Communist Party neighborhood and workplace clubs at the multi-
racial, working class grassroots of our country.

We come together, on this 225th anniversary of the Declaration
of Independence from the tyranny of King George in England, to bring an
end to the tyranny of George Bush the Second who illegitimately occupies
the White House and threatens the future of our planet.

We come together, with vision and commitment to fulfill
the promise of our country, to end exploitation and oppression so that
all men and women may enjoy equal rights, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit
of Happiness.

This morning we acknowledge the honor and excitement of
being a part of this weekend’s deliberations, retooling and celebrations
that are sure to enrich us, embolden us, inspire us, and yes, to make
history! "We have been naught, we shall be all!"


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