VIDEO: Was Jesus a communist?

BY:Communist Party USA| March 22, 2012
VIDEO: Was Jesus a communist?


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The makers of the independent film “Jesus Was a Commie” have given all of us an exclusive chance to view their award-winning 15-minute movie. Just visit their webpage ( and enter the password jwac2012

The password will work only for the next few days so check it out now. We encourage everyone to watch the film before Tuesday night’s video presentation and discussion. We hope it adds to the growing debate about religion and social and economic justice in the U.S. today.

Was Jesus a communist? A priest discusses the message at the heart of the gospel

This event has passed. See the video player above to watch the presentation.

A new short film by Matthew Modine is making the rounds at film festivals and is receiving positive reviews. ‘Jesus Was A Commie’ is sparking a new wave of discussion about religion and economics.

Tim Yeager, a dedicated trade union organizer and Episcopal priest, will speak about the economic and social justice message in Christianity in a video presentation March 27.

Today many Christian conservatives have attempted to interpret the message of the Bible to justify a right-wing agenda of division, exploitation, capitalism and inequality. But what if the values at the heart of the gospel were really about equality, justice, environmentalism and collectivity?

What is liberation theology? Aren’t Marxists against religion? Is the U.S. a Christian nation? Was Jesus a communist? What’s the significance of the Christian right? Should religion influence politics at all? Do common teachings of progressive values (peace, love, equality, justice, the golden rule, etc) provide a basis for broader unity among religious and secular people?


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