War Will Not End Terrorism

October 10, 2001

New York City – The Bush Administration’s decision to bomb
Afghanistan is not a solution to the terrible events of September 11th, and
will neither end terrorism nor bring those responsible to justice.

The Communist Party USA strongly opposes this attack, which will sharply
escalate the tragic cycle of violence, suffering and death, and compound
the problems of poverty and imminent famine faced by the people of

Despite the fact that the vast majority of the world opposes terrorism, the
Bush administration chose a course that most governments could not endorse.
This military action isolates our country and puts us at odds with most of
the world’s peoples.

We believe the Bush Administration is also motivated to wage war in the
region by its interest in Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil. The
administration’s close ties to the oil, gas and energy industries are no

War has a momentum and a logic of its own that is not easily contained once
it is set in motion. Vietnam taught us that — war does not bring
stability, nor justice.

But many are asking: "If not by war, then how do we fight terrorism?"
It is
a fair question with no easy answers.

Terrorism is an international crime, and will only be ended by
international political and diplomatic efforts. The fight against terrorism
must be undertaken by international bodies like the United Nations and the
World Court.

Some may say that such an approach will take too long. But the Bush
Administration is already speaking of its war strategy in terms of years,
not months.

Negotiated peace agreements for "hot spots" around the world, such
as the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict, are real policy alternatives that would
isolate terrorists and undermine terrorism’s root causes.

And to eliminate the terrible threat that terrorism poses to humanity,
those roots must be considered. We would argue that capitalist
globalization, gross inequality, poverty and corporate plunder of the
world’s natural resources and labor provide fertile soil for anger and
desperation to grow. The struggle against terrorism is inseparable from the
struggle for peace, justice and self-determination.

War will have dire consequences for the American people, including racial
profiling and attacks on civil liberties and democratic rights.

War will worsen the economic crisis, and the administration’s proposals of
corporate bailouts and tax cuts will not solve the problems faced by
millions of working people.

In the weeks ahead, we urge a national dialogue, a "teach-in" if you
on alternatives to war, racism, and repression. The American people, as do
all people, have a right to safety. The question is, will war make the
world safer?

After the September 11th tragedy, many of the family members of the victims
spoke out for peace. The commitment of these families and millions more to
finding political and diplomatic solutions to terrorism is an expression of
American patriotism, as is the willingness to speak up and protect the Bill
of Rights and the rights of minorities.

We refuse to let the Bush Administration and the ultra right define
patriotism as war. In this new century, we must pledge to put an end to war
and violence as means for solving humanity’s problems.


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