#VoteAgainstFascism: What you can do in the coming days

#VoteAgainstFascism: What you can do in the coming days


The early voter outpouring and uprising against Trumpism puts our country on track to achieve the largest turnout in a century! This is not a time to let up. The larger the vote, the stronger the ability to defend the results and organize for a transformative people’s agenda going forward. The stronger our contributions to this unfolding movement, the larger the number of new members we can expect to swell our ranks. Our task is to join with friends and allies in labor and community to prepare for any eventuality on Nov 3–4. This resource packet gives some practical ways to participate.

The first priority is working with local unions and coalitions in your area. The election day tasks are to help pull people to the polls and then outside the polls to get trained and volunteer for de-escalation in the event of provocations by white supremacist/Trumpite forces. There are also national coalitions making resources and training available for election defenders.

The second priority is getting ready to take part and build participation in marches and rallies on November 4 with Party visibility. National actions across the country are already being prepared. Send your photos and stories to peoplesworld.org and cpusa.org so our publications can reflect the uprising and our participation.

Election Day

Number one is to make sure that you, your family and friends, and all your comrades if you are in a club get out and vote. Then, the best way to participate is with a union or local community get-out-the-vote mobilization where you live. You can also team up with national efforts geared to the battleground states including phoning, texting, and poll watching.

*** You have the right to vote. If anyone tries to stop you, call the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-687-8683 and check out this guide outlining your voting rights. Fact Sheet: Protecting against voter intimidation.

*** Frontline Election Defenders: Volunteer with this poll watching coalition brought together by the Working Families Party and Black Lives Matter.

*** Check out the AFL-CIO’s Labor 2020 “Workers First, Vote Union” election information page.

*** Volunteer to be a poll worker with Power the Polls.

*** M.O.R.E. Poor Peoples Campaign

The Day(s) After

Rallies are already planned by Protect the Results for November 4. You can sign up for one or create one in your area. Depending on the situation, these may be celebrations or they may swell into giant street protests.

More resources

Watch and share the recording of the People’s World “The People Have the Power: A Voter Town Hall.”

Sign the petition: Don’t let Trump rush election results & silence voters.


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