To our comrades in Vietnam: Solidarity!

BY:CPUSA International Department| January 29, 2021
To our comrades in Vietnam: Solidarity!


The year 2020 was difficult for all countries across the globe due to the horrible COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the hardships brought on by this unprecedented situation, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, under the guidance and leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), has seen many great successes.

First and foremost, Vietnam stands out on the global stage as an example to learn from when it comes to the management and containment of the COVID-19 pandemic. By putting the lives and well-being of the country’s citizens and residents first, Vietnam has suffered minimal deaths and illnesses from the novel coronavirus. The CPV has helped show the world what is possible when a government serves people instead of capital. Even with the decision to put the lives of people over the needs of business, Vietnam’s economy stands out as one of the few global economies to grow during 2020.

Vietnam also had a successful term as the Chair of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) for 2020. Through its leadership, regional cooperation has reached new heights, eventually culminating in the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Pact (RCEP), the world’s largest trade pact. This pact will help the countries of East Asia, Oceana, and beyond rebuild and recover from the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CPV’s internationalism, however, has not been limited to the region and has stretched across the globe. One example is Vietnam’s role as UN Security Council President for the year 2020. In this role, Vietnam was a voice of stability and peace around the globe. Vietnam also increased the number of peace keepers and medical officers from the country deployed internationally, specifically helping some of the most disenfranchised and war-torn nations in Africa.

We in the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) know of Vietnam’s staunch commitment to international solidarity firsthand. The CPV donated thousands of masks to the working class of the United States to be distributed by our Party. We continue to be grateful for our strong bilateral relationship with the CPV and look forward to a future of continued solidarity, cooperation, and camaraderie.

As 2021 begins, and the Communist Party of Vietnam prepares for its 13th Party Congress, we in the CPUSA wish our comrades in Vietnam much success on their continued path of building socialism and a better world. Many of the difficulties that the world faced in 2020 will continue into the new year along with many new challenges. The CPV will be faced with the challenge of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine and rebuilding those sectors of the economy that suffered the most during the current international crisis. The CPUSA continues to stand firmly in solidarity with the CPV through these and all future challenges as we work together to build socialism around the world.

Long Live Communist Internationalism!

Alvaro Rodriguez
International Secretary of the Communist Party USA
On behalf CPUSA Co-Chairs Rossana Cambron and Joe Sims

Image: Vietnamplus.



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