The main threat to communism: the military-media-industrial complex

BY:Alden Ringheiser| April 17, 2019

Hello comrades! I believe the main threat to communism in America today is the mainstream media and the military industrial complex. Most Americans are uneducated on the ideas and philosophies of communism and have learned to think of it poorly after decades of propaganda. The leader and funder of this propaganda is the military industrial complex and the private central banking system. They wage wars for selfish interests which only make the ruling class more powerful world wide and again use propaganda to gain public opinion. I feel for our cause to succeed, we must abolish the federal reserve, return to a gold-backed currency and off of a debt-based one, outlaw fractional reserve banking, and dismantle the Pentagon. These institutions have tremendous power in our society and this will be difficult to do. We must focus on changing public opinion by calmly talking and sharing to our friends and family the reality that we live in. Most people want freedom. Most people want democracy. We must share how communism is the ultimate form of these things.


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