Test your Marxist IQ!

BY:Scott Hiley And Alvaro Rodriguez| May 31, 2017
Test your Marxist IQ!

In the 1970s, Marxist feminists launched the Wages for Housework movement, which demanded a wage, paid by capital, for all the labor involved in keeping wage workers ready to work:  cooking, cleaning, childbearing and rearing, etc.  What was their aim in demanding wages for housework?

a. To supplement the income of single-earner families

b. To give homemakers a sense of accomplishment and pride

c. To weaken capital by depriving it of unpaid labor

d. To end the sexual division of labor between home and factory

(Check your answer here.)

According to Marx’s “General Law of Capitalist Accumulation,” as capitalist firms grow…

a. the productivity of labor increases, and workers’ standard of living decreases.

b. the productivity of labor remains stable, but workers’ standard of living rises.

c. machines replace human labor, resulting in a shorter work day.

d. unemployment decreases, resulting in a rise in wages.

(Check your answer here.)

In the Marxist understanding of society, what is the State?

a. The state is an just an administrative organization independent of economic classes.

b. The state is a coercive and repressive force created to maintain the ruling class in power.

c. The state is a neutral body above classes and whose purpose is to keep the peace.

d. The state is a political organ created by a democratic process.

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    Alvaro Rodriguez is International Secretary of the CPUSA.

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