Suggested Readings| October 13, 2001

Washington State and
Pacific Northwest History

In The Water
"A history of District Lodge 751 of the International
Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers" by John McCann
Published in 1989 by Lodge 751


Union In Wood
A political history of the International Woodworkers
of America by Jerry Lembcke and William Tattam International Publishers,
NY, NY 1984

On Campus
by University of Washington Press Seattle, WA

Revolution in Seattle by Harvey O’Connor
Monthly Review Press NY, NY 1964

On What Happened
in the Soviet Union

and Reds
by Michael Parenti City Light Publishers San Francisco,
CA 1998

Heroic Struggle, Bitter Defeat by Bahman
Azad International Publishers NY, NY 2000

Marxist Economics

Profits and Crises:
"Modern U.S. Capitalism" by Victor
Perlo Internaitonal Publishers NY, NY 1988

Marxist Philosophy

of Social Change

"A reader in Marxist Social Science"
Slected and edited by Howard Selsam,
David Goldway and Harry Martel
International Publishers NY, NY 1970
Principles of Philosophy
by Georges Politzer International Publishers
NY, NY 1976

Against Myth
by Barrows Dunham Little Brown & Company Boston,
MA 1947

Marxism, A Living Science by Kenneth Neill Cameron International
Publishers NY, NY 1993
and Class Struggle
by Dialego Published by The African Communist

Reader in Marxist Philosophy "From the writings of Marx,
Engels, and Lenin" Slected and edited by Howard Selsam and Harry
Martel International Publishers NY, NY 1963


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