Proposed Resolution: Against Racism and for Immigrant Rights

BY:Indiana District, CPUSA| September 21, 2001

Proposed resolution submitted
by the Indiana District to the National Convention of the Communist Party

The CPUSA was the first left -wing mass socialist party in the USA to
bring the struggle of Black people for Freedom and Equality to the forefront
of left-wing politics. Whether, as in the days of the Comintern, we were
calling for an independent Afro-American Republic in the south, or in
the days when Henry Winston and Claude Lightfoot were stressing the "
Centrality of Black Liberation to the Class Struggle ", we were always
aware that racism is THE problem of working-class unity in this country,
and that in the words of the old preamble to our party’s constitution
: "…The struggle for equality for Black people and against racism
is central to all social progress. " ,and

In recent years, we have understood that the balance of minorities in
the country has become more complicated, and we have tried to reflect
this complexity with the new slogan; Black ,Brown and White ,unite! The
number of Spanish- speaking alone has nearly doubled in the last decade
to the point where the AFL-CIO made its historic decision to support amnesty
rights for immigrants, and

At the same time, there has developed on the part of the ruling class,
an attempt to drive a wedge between the new immigrants and the African-American
Community. This was most blatantly seen in the Los Angeles mayoralty campaign.
Antonio Villaraigosa tried to run a model Labor-Community coalition campaign
that would unite all working people’s communities with Labor, the direction
the CPUSA believes all politics in the country need to go. The monopoly
media could only obsess on the crime issue and how Hahn tried to turn
Blacks against Hispanics. These are unconscionable politics. We need to
return to our old understandings, incorporating the new factors, in order
to fight back against the divisive maneuvers of the ruling class.

Be it therefore
resolved: That the CPUSA re-affirm the position reflected in the old preamble
of our constitution: "..The struggle for equality for Black People
and against Racism is central to social progress. It is central to the
fighting unity of the working class and TO THE STRUGGLE OF ALL OTHER SPECIALLY
OPPRESSED MINORITIES…for full economic, political, and social equality…"

Be it further
resolved, that armed with this understanding and ,in the words of the
article in the PWW on immigration, June 9th, 2001. "…recognizing
the global scale and permanence of immigration..[is].. is the starting
point …of an immigration policy based on human rights…" the CPUSA
uses these positions as an impregnable platform to advocate:

A] Open unlimited
immigration into the USA

B] Compulsory
bi-lingual education for all adults and their families of whatever country
or cultural background. Federal prohibition of " English Only "

C] Extension
of all existing labor and workplace protection laws, and the right to
redress under them for all immigrant workers, documented or not.

D] Support
for the AFL-CIO policy on amnesty, and a call for a major AFL-CIO drive
in all minority communities, and that consciously strategies to avoid
any attempts to "whipsaw" one community against another.


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