Marxist IQ: The power of the vote (answers)

November 22, 2019


1. c. Marxist Socialist parties which called themselves Social Democratic  or Labor; (correct)

2. b. The struggle for political rights that would enable the working class to obtain economic and social rights;(correct)

3. d. Workers must establish labor based socialist parties so as not to have to choose every few years what party of the ruling capitalist class would govern them for the next few years. (correct)

4.  c. The election of Bill Clinton in 1992;( correct)

5. d. All of the above. (correct)

6. c.  Sought to gain ballot status and run its own candidates where possible, not endorsing candidates of other parties but distinguishing between major party candidates in terms of working class interests; (correct)

7. c. The CPUSA sees Trump’s racist incitements, militarist threats, attempts to dismantle social welfare and  environmental legislation and giveaways to corporations and the wealthy as a direct threat to democracy and peace; (correct)


Score: 0 wrong: Theoretician. Write an article! Teach a class!!

1 wrong: Developed Marxist. Form a study group, join the party.

2 to 3 wrong: Class conscious worker – study harder.

4 to 5 wrong: Danger! deviations possible. study and then study some more lest you drift into the marsh of opportunism!


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