Marxist IQ: The dialectic of humanity and nature

BY:Communist Party USA| October 29, 2019
Marxist IQ: The dialectic of humanity and nature


1. The idea of a strict separation between humans and nature:

a. Is an idea that serves the ruling class;
b. Is a reflection of the antagonism between cities and countryside;
c. Was challenged by Marx and Engels;
d.  All of the above.


2. Marx devoted quite a substantial section of Capital Vol. III to what was seen as the most pressing environmental problem of the mid-nineteenth century, which was:

a.  Industrial pollutants that caused widespread lung disease;
b.  Increasingly severe swings between floods and droughts;
c.  Depletion of nutrients in the soil and lower agricultural productivity;
d.  Clouds of coal smoke hovering over vast rural areas.


3. Marx viewed the earth as:

a.  Under the stewardship of humanity;
b.  God’s gift to humanity;
c.  Potentially subject to complete domination by humans;
d.  Created to serve the ruling class.


4. The concept of the “metabolic rift” refers to:

a.  The estrangement of humans from the natural conditions of their existence;
b.  The antagonism between town and country made worse by capitalist production;
c.   The way that imperial powers rob colonized nations of their natural resources;
d.   All of the above.


5. When Marx wrote, “Fertility is not so natural a quality as might be thought; it is closely bound up with the social relations of the time” he was referring to:

a.  Differential birth rates in rural and urban areas;
b.  The impact of the mode of production on soil productivity;
c.   Declining abundance of European livestock;
d.   Overall decline in the birth rate in Europe.


6. For Marx, the only lasting solution to the metabolic rift is:

a.  Allowing industry to apply the latest science to agriculture;
b.  Ending the practice of heating homes with fire;
c.  Abolishing private property and treating land as communal property;
d.  Teaching rural residents the importance of crop rotation.


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