Marxist IQ: Impeachment and the struggle for democracy

BY:Communist Party USA| October 9, 2019
Marxist IQ: Impeachment and the struggle for democracy


1. While media often refers to Trump as a “right-wing populist” both Marxists and large numbers of non Marxists throughout the world see his government representing  aspects of a fascist danger if not reversed because of:

a. Its  endless stream of attacks on all political opponents, minorities, immigrants, and foreign powers;
b. Its glorification of and incitement of violence though military force and police power  as the solution to all problems;
c. Its open violations of  the rule of law, represented in the U.S. by the  Bill of Rights  and the separation of powers of the U.S. constitution;
d. All of the above.


2.  An important difference between  the Trump administration and fascist regimes of the past is that:

a. Trump would never burn   down the Supreme Court and blame it on the Democrats the way the Nazis blamed the Reichstag fire on the Communists to establish a dictatorship;
b. Trump would never  incite his supporters to assassinate a leading Democrat  the way Italian fascists assassinated the Socialist deputy, Giacomo Mateotti and then use that to establish a dictatorship;
c. Trump would never  ask for military  aid from Erdogan of Turkey and Boris Johnson of the UK  to fight impeachment the way Francisco Franco received military aid from Hitler and Mussolini in his fascist uprising against the Spanish Republic;
d. Given the Marxist definition of fascism, an open terroristic dictatorship of the most reactionary sectors of the capitalist class in the service of finance capital, it is not too late through mass unity and organized struggle defeat Trump in any attempt to establish an open dictatorship.

3.  In dealing with the impeachment of federal officials, the authors of the United States Constitution focused on two broad categories to prevent what they fought against in their revolution against the British Empire. These categories were:

a. Infidelity and the use of vulgar language;
b. Boastful and bullying behavior toward other members of the government;
c. Acts of tyranny and corruption;
d. Ignorance and arrogance  concerning major issues and policies of government.

4.   Conservative pundits make the argument that no president has ever been impeached and the party which initiated impeachment suffered major  political losses.  These arguments are:

a.  True and impeachment will only strengthen Trump’s base;
b.  False because the only way Trump can be defeated is to impeach him by any means necessary;
c.   It is better to keep Trump in office because the worse he gets, the more likely he will be overthrown;
d.   While no President was  successfully impeached and tried in the Senate, the party which instituted impeachment against Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton along with threatening the impeachment of Nixon won major victories in the elections which followed the impeachments.


5.  For partisans of democracy and socialism, the best way to respond to the upcoming impeachment would be to:

a. Let the Democratic party leadership direct the impeachment and support everything they do;
b. Ignore the impeachment and say that Trump is no worse than his predecessors;
c.  Focus narrowly on Trump’s attempts to get Ukrainian and other foreign leaders to provide intelligence and initiate actions  against his Democratic opponents;
d. Build a mass support for impeachment.  Focus broadly on the Trump administration’s  myriad violations of the rule of law, the Trump organization’s profiteering from business deals with U.S. and foreign corporations, and the administration’s immigration bans, forced detentions, family separations and other actions in clear violation of both traditional U.S. policy and international treaties.

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