Marxist IQ: Highlights of a fighting history (answers)

September 2, 2019
  1. c. Struggled to build inclusive industrial unions and organizations to fight racism and
    imperialism; (correct)
  2. c. The Liberty League; (correct)
  3. d. All of the above. (correct)
  4. c. Fought against the Korean War, for nuclear disarmament, and against all of the policies that
    were called “ McCarthyism;” (correct)
  5. c. Jobs, peace and freedom; (correct)
  6. c. Gus Hall; (correct)
  7. d. The Reagan administration represented a “whiff of fascism.” (correct)
  8. c. Its commitment to apply Marxist-Leninist principles and strategies to educate, organize and unify the  working class. (correct)




0 wrong: Theoretician. Write an article! Teach a class!!

1 wrong: Developed Marxist. Form a study group, join the party.

2 to 3 wrong: Class conscious worker – study harder.

4 to 5 wrong: Danger! deviations possible. study and then study some more lest you drift into the marsh of opportunism!


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