Marxist IQ: Celebrating revolution

BY:Communist Party USA| July 2, 2021
Marxist IQ: Celebrating revolution


1. Marxists and Communists long have seen the American revolution as

a. a revolution for individual freedom.
b. a revolt of slaveholders to protect slavery.
c. a bourgeois democratic and anti-colonial revolution.
d. a great workers’ and farmers’ people’s revolution.


2. Six decades after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, some of the first workers’ parties in the world were founded in the 1830s in

a. North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.
b. New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
c. Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine.
d. Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.


3. After the American revolution triumphed, the U.S. became a haven for radicals fleeing into exile. The first generation of Marxists and socialists in the U.S. were

a. German and other refugees from the revolutions of 1848.
b. survivors of the Paris Commune.
c. exiles from the 1905 Russian Revolution.
d. participants in the Boston Tea Party.


4. During the Great Depression Communists identified strongly with the best national traditions of the American Revolution and mobilized millions around militant slogans. Which of the following was not a Communist slogan?

a. Black and White: Unite and Fight
b. Communism is the Democracy of the Twentieth Century
c. We want a piece of the action
d. Work or Welfare


5. Marxists and Communists in the U.S. have long contended that the great lessons of July 4 can be found mostly in the writings and life of which of the following?

a. Alexander Hamilton
b. Tom Paine
c. Thomas Jefferson
d. Benjamin Franklin


6. Marxists and Communists believe that the contradiction and failure of the American Revolution was

a. its failure to move rapidly in a socialist direction.
b. its use of revolutionary violence.
c. the role played by slaveholders in the revolutionary leadership and the compromises made with slavery in the later constitution.
d. All of the above


7. After World War II, U.S “cold warriors” feared the spread of socialist revolutions if they were not defeated with military force (called the “domino theory”) in part because the American Revolution

a. helped encourage the French Revolution within a decade.
b. encouraged anti-colonial revolutions against the Spanish Empire within Latin America within a generation.
c. encouraged oppressed people to adapt ideas of “liberty” and later “democracy” to their own conditions.
d. All of the above

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    We are rooted in our country's revolutionary history and its struggles for democracy. We call for "Bill of Rights" socialism, guaranteeing full individual freedoms.

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