Love capitalism’s enemy

BY:Norma J. Harrison| April 1, 2019

We have to take up teaching and preaching love communism.  We all know the reasons to build for that social structure.  We all know the examples showing why we want it – not imperialism’s/U.S.’s lies and distortions about it, that teach us from pre-Kindergarten on to hate and fear it.  Its ‘failures’, as described by our arch enemy, are just lies, which do not explain the struggle and the victories.

We can teach ourselves-us all to praise it, to support the need for it.  For one thing, the whole problem today is capitalism/profit/imperialism vs communism.

Work to build communism throughout the world is the death knell for capitalism.  That is the sole reason along with shades of oppression that divide us – the sole reason we are in such miserable circumstances.  It is the sole reason people are not allowed full control and enjoyment of their sexual behavior and their reproduction of human beings. The list goes on.

Stop circumnavigating the problem, just out and out say it and say it.  Many of us doing that, many of us, as I’ve said, run for office saying we build communist struggle – all our activities for-by us for our comfort and security in gentle care of Earth unto our children’s children – as communism enables – If we talk as we must – constantly – in increasing numbers – in increasing places – the electoral podium – all our meetings – in our church and school –  that surge that no longer can come by the gun – can rise among us all.

All the many of us …who suspect this … will rise because of the hugely increasing affirmation of their ideas, understandings of the source of denial of our unity, mutuality, mutual care of each other with Earth.

Practice saying it and then say it – SAY ITS NAME – communism.  Sure socialism, but all our actions to be from the benefit of communism.  We love communism because it is so good for us – to us.  ALL.  (If that sounds like a church rant – love god/Jesus/spirit/force/master – that’s fine.)

Better to get shot down murdered for saying it than for the other short-fall calls individually.

Speaking communism means speaking of all elements of our lives.


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