May 20, 2006

The legislative and political struggle for immigrant rights is unfolding very rapidly and will be with us for some time. The mega-marches, April 10 and May 1 rallies and activities have changed the political landscape. In some areas our Party is deeply involved, in other areas we are still in the process of becoming engaged.

In these circumstances our tactics are constantly being developed as the struggle unfolds. In order to enable the Party to play its full role, the Immigrant Rights Committee and the Organizing Department will send out occasional ‘Immigrant Rights Alerts’.

The Alerts will supplement the Peoples Weekly World and Political Affairs articles, and reports to the National Board, and club educational outline that have been sent out.


1. Latest from the Senate

2. What’s next after May 1

3. Attachments


It is expected that the immigration debate will hit the Senate floor again next week. There have been a lot of behind the scenes negotiations, largely as a result of the power of the April 10 and May 1 rallies and marches. It has become clear to pro-immigrant organizations that the Hagel-Martinez bill is so filled with repressive measures and exceptions that would deny a path to legalization to the vast majority of 12 million undocumented that it is unacceptable as is. Some are pressing for amendments that would remove the obstacles to legalization and repressive measures. Others are opposing the entire bill. The bill on the Senate calendar is the same as Hagel-Martinez with Judiciary Chair Spector’s name on it.

We continue to oppose all repressive measures from HR 4437 and other bills, and to insist on the principles of legalization with a clear path to citizenship, full civil rights and due process, labor rights, family reunification, civic education and participation.

Urgent calls are needed to every member of the US Senate. Tell your Senator that S-2511 is unacceptable without removing roadblocks and loopholes that disqualify workers and their families from legalization, full civil rights and due process. Call into the Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121 or toll free 800-839-5276 or at their home offices.


There are many trends within the immigrant rights movement. We have been participating with the broadest forces that include the labor movement, both Change to Win and the AFL-CIO, as much as we can. A new national coalition has now formed which is a very welcome development toward a national center (although it does not yet include the AFL-CIO, it’s agenda is compatible).

This coalition is called We Are America Alliance. In the Attachments section the link to this coalition shows the national organizations initiators as well as a calendar of mobilization geared toward registering a million new voters and massive voter turnout for November’s elections.

Immediately, the coalition is preparing for a massive lobby day on Wednesday, May 17th in Washington DC to be accompanied by lobbying at district offices in states across the country. Part of this lobby day is an on-line petition, which can also be printed out and circulated in person to be submitted to Congress on May 17.

We urge support of this initiative. The strongest petition wording is on the website of the United Farmworkers Union, which is a member of the We Are America Alliance. Every immigrant rights organization at the grass roots level will not be aware of this new coalition. We can both urge participation by those organizations with which we work, and also get petitions signed on a grass roots club basis in coordination with immigrant organizations where possible.


Immigrant Rights Committee
Political Action Commission


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