July 27, 2006

This summer the House Republican leadership is spearheading a new wave of racism by holding 32 hearings on anti-immigrant legislation. Many are field hearings across the country, strategically placed to impact on the 2006 elections. The We Are America Alliance and associated organizations are mobilizing to get out a pro-immigrant message at each field hearing location.

Where possible, clubs and districts should participate in this effort with local immigrant rights organizations and allies. We should help to insure that religious, civil liberties and civil rights, labor leaders and elected officials are present to stand up against this open racism. We should emphasize the importance of changing the control of Congress, or there will be no relenting in this wholesale anti-immigrant offensive.

Below is a listing of the field hearings. For more complete information visit the website (Democracy Summer information) or (List of hearings and contact persons)

July 31. 11:00am, Plano, TX. Plano City Council Chamber. House Education Workforce Committee, Subcommittee on Employer-Employee Relations Immigration: Enforcing Employee Work Eligibility Laws and Implementing a Stronger Employment Verification System

August 1. Detroit, MI. Selfridge Air National Guard Base. House Armed Services Committee – Focus on the Northern Border

August 2. 2:00pm. San Diego, CA. House Judiciary Committee – Border fence and the differences between the House and Senate bills

August 3. Las Cruces, NM. House Administration Committee – Proof of citizenship for voting

August 3. Yuma, AZ. House Armed Services Committee – National Guard Troops on the Border & SW Border Initivative

August 4. Phoenix, AZ. House Administration Committee – Proof of citizenship for voting

August 7-8. Seattle, WA. House Homeland Security Committee

August 14. Yuma, AZ. House Government Reform Committee – Costs to federal, state and local governments

August 16. Flagstaff, AZ. House Government Reform Committee – Interior Enforcement

August 17. Fort Huachuca, AZ. House Intelligence Committee – The role of intelligence in border security

August 17. 10:00am. El Paso, TX. House Judiciary Committee Contact for Pro-Immigrant Event: Deece Eckstein (512) 476-7329 deece @

August 17-18. Austin & Houston, TX. House Homeland Security Committee – National Guard, Border Patrol, crimes against citizens

August 23. Detroit, MI/ Windsor, Canada. House Intelligence Committee – The role of intelligence in border security

August 24. 10:00am. Concord, NH. House Judiciary Committee

August 25. 10:00am. Upstate New York. House Judiciary Committee

August 29. 10:00am. Evansville, IN. House Judiciary Committee

September 1. 9:00am. Dubuque, IA. House Judiciary Committee


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