HUAC and Bill of Rights answer

BY:Scott Hiley| June 6, 2017

The correct answer is (b).  The Fifth Amendment contains a laundry list of provisions about the criminal justice system.  The most famous is certainly the rule that no one can be compelled to give testimony against themselves.  “Pleading the Fifth” means refusing to answer a question on grounds that the answer could be incriminating. While the right not to incriminate oneself had long been recognized for defendants in a trial setting, its use by witnesses in front of a congressional committee was new.  

The Second Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms. The Commerce Clause is part of the Constitution, not the amendments in the Bill of Rights.  It gives the federal government authority to regulate commerce between states. The Establishment Clause is in the First Amendment.  It bars Congress from making “any law with respect to an establishment of religion.”  That is, it protects both our freedom of religion and our freedom from religion.


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