HR 1564, Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure Act

BY:CPUSA Organizing Department| November 21, 2001

Whereas, the AFL-CIO’s BLUEPRINT FOR ECONOMIC RECOVERY points out that over one million manufacturing jobs have been lost since July 2000, with an additional 450,000 layoffs throughout the economy since the September 11 terrorist attack in New York, and,

Whereas, the BLUEPRINT’s Economic Stimulus package states that ‘strengthening and reinvigorating key components of the nation’s infrastructure is essential to boosting our capacity to prevent and defend against terrorist attacks and to ward off an even deeper recession’, and,

Whereas, the corporations and banks that control the world economy are exporting our jobs to countries that pay sub-standard wages to poverty stricken, unorganized workers, and,

Whereas, if U.S. manufacturing industries were producing to meet the real domestic needs of our country, our industries would be running at peak levels, and,

Whereas, the nation’s infrastructure is sorely in need of repair and rebuilding, with some sectors in a crises state, as shown by a study conducted by the American Society of Civil Engineers, and,

Whereas, it is the responsibility of Federal, State, and local governments to provide for the general welfare of all the people, which includes good jobs, health care, schools, housing, transportation, safe water and sewage disposal, energy, and,

Whereas, government investment in meeting infrastructure needs would provide the services needed by people as well as reverse the economic downturn, put people back to work and create new jobs, and,

Whereas, HR 1564, Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure Act, providing for a $500 billion dollar investment in the country’s infrastructure would go far in meeting these goals, now,

Therefore be it resolved:

That_________________________________________________ supports HR 1564 and urges its passage by the United States Congress, and;

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be sent to our Congressional Representatives and union and community organizations urging similar action in support of the Act.

Signed _________________________________
Date ___________________


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