Greetings from the German Communist Party

June 17, 2019
Communist Party of the USA


Essen, 1st of June, 2019



Dear Comrades,

For 100 years now, our parties, the CPUSA and the Communist Party of Germany/German Communist Party, have been united in the struggle for a world of peace, solidarity and socialism. Therefore we regret that we are not able to participate at your 31st Convention.

The Trump government implements the policy of the most aggressive forces of monopoly capital, and more than other US governments before, it tramples international law and tears apart binding treaties. States that demand their right to self-determination, national sovereignty and self-determined development, which does not submit to Washington and its allies, are threatened with regime change or military destruction. The working class is deteriorating in the rich countries themselves. The capitalist economic crisis has exacerbated exploitation and poverty. The eight richest people on earth today possess as much wealth as 50 % of the world’s population. Declining living standards fuel public anger, the capitalist class is adopting more violent and repressive strategies. Ultra-right governments made effort both in Europe and in the United States. In the poor countries of the world, life is threatened by the theft of resources, climate change and the proxy wars of imperialism. The result is massive streams of refugees.

This is countered by a tremendous waste of resources and wealth. Of the 1.7 trillion dollars wasted every year on armaments worldwide, one trillion is accounted for by NATO. The US government and its Allies are putting the noose around Russia and China and threatening with first nuclear strike.

In Germany we are fighting against the European Union, because it is an instrument of the ruling classes in the various EU countries that tries to play the exploited masses against each other. Workers are recruited in poor EU countries at low wages to put pressure on wages in “rich” Germany. So, obviously, the more international the fight against such manoeuvres is, the better. But decisively is: The more workers’ class based this struggle is, the better.

The advancing climate change counters mankind with unprecedented challenges. For imperialism, it is only an opportunity for new sources of profit. For the peoples of the world, it is a question of human survival.

These are some of the fields of the international class struggle in which the communist parties today have to prove themselves across borders and seas. We fight common enemies, and these struggles can only be won by the working class, together with all progressive and peace-loving people of the world. If it is lost, it could mean the downfall of mankind.

Long live the Communist Parties of the world!

Good luck with wise decisions in your party convention, and a warm embrace for all of you, comrades.


 Communist regards,



Manfred Idler

(Member of the International Commission)



Günter Pohl

(Head of the International Commission)


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