Greetings from the Communist Party of Greece

BY:Communist Party of Greece| July 20, 2005

Dear Comrades,

On the occasion of the 28th National Convention of CPUSA, we would like to convey our warm comradely greetings to the delegates and all the members of your Party, with which we are linked with long-standing internationalist bonds of friendship and comradeship.

The Greek communists highly appreciate your contribution in the anti-war movementespecially in the conditions of imperialist preemptive wars on the pretext of combating terrorismyour consistent struggle against all forms of oppression and exploitation. We value your commitment to developing international solidarity and your active contribution to the international communist movement. We are proud for the solidarity between our parties, since you and so many others fighting by your side are the proof that there is another America, contrary to what the Europhiles advocate: identifying the interests and stance of the monopoly capital with that of the people.

Dear comrades,

The emergence all around the world, in the last years, of strong popular struggles and movements that tend to touch up the full spectrum of imperialist policies highlight the need of profound radical changes. In our opinion this makes the projection of the socialist alternative all the more timely and necessary. Our Party, promotes the idea of a different path of development for Greek society in opposition to the interests of the monopolies, and the imperialist associations struggling for the formation of the Anti-imperialist, Anti-monopoly, Democratic Front, a socio-political alliance that will be called upon not only to achieve gains, but also to accomplish the task of winning peoples rule.

At the same time, we have the opinion that the further development of the anti-imperialist movements of the people mainly depends on the course of the international communist movement. Efforts should be further strengthened in order to develop further the existing forms of cooperation. Furthermore, we feel necessary for the communists to promote their distinct and tangible presence, to highlight the communist viewpoint, to refute anti-communist distortions, in order to revitalize the socialist vision as the only realistic alternative for the people. A collective effort in defending the ideology of Marxism-Leninism, highlighting the contribution of socialism we knew, and that promotes the struggle for socialism, is today more necessary than ever.

Our Party will continue to support any effort that contributes to the unity, coordination and common action among the communist and workers parties, respecting the sovereignty of each party, as well as any initiative that aims at developing a militant, broad anti-imperialist movement. With these thoughts, and with the hope that our bilateral relations will be further developed allow us, dear comrades, to wish success to the proceedings of your congress.

Central Committee


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