Greetings from the Communist Party of Cuba (English)

BY:Communist Party of Cuba| July 26, 2005

Please accept fraternal greetings to the 28th National Convention of the Communist Party, USA from Communist Party of Cuba and the Cuban people.

This important meeting takes place at a crucial time for humanity, faced with hegemonic pretensions of the regime headed by George W. Bush. The Communist Party, USA, along with the rest of the progressive forces of U.S. society, occupies an important space in the struggle against the reactionary policies of the Republican ultra-right that governs the U.S. These policies are characterized by the growing curtailment of civil liberties on the home front and the meddling in the int4rnal affairs of other counties, as witnessed by the brutal war of aggression against Iraq that is being fiercely resisted by the people of Iraq and is condemned to failure.

Almost half a century after the January 1, 1959 victory, the people of Cuba continue to be the target of a hostile U.S. government that in its obsession to destroy the Cuban Revolution intensifies its economic war against Cuba and is an obstacle to bettering the relations between our peoples.

Without abandoning our campaign for the return of our Cuban Five heroes in the struggle against terrorism, that are unjustly incarcerated in U.S. prisons, the people of Cuba are involved in a struggle to have the full weight of the law applied to one of the most notorious terrorists of our hemisphere: Luis Posada Carriles, intellectual author of the bombing of Cubana Airlines plane off the coast of Barbados on October 6, 1976 and the bombing attacks against various hotels in the capital of Cuba in 1997, as well as different attempts on the lives of comrade Fidel and other leaders of the Cuban Revolution. The Bush Administration should heed the extradition request by the government of Venezuela and send Posada Carriles back to Venezuela where he was standing trial when he escaped from prison in 1985.

Cuba also demands that justice be done in the case of the Cuban-born terrorist Orlando Bosch, Posada Carriles accomplice in the aforementioned attacks, and the intellectual author of the assassination of Orlando Letelier, former minister of the government of Salvador Allende in Chile, and his assistant the American Ronnie Moffit in Washington, DC in 1976. Bosch is an admitted terrorist who freely walks the streets of Miami after being pardoned in 1990 by the father of the current president of the U.S. at the same time that the Justice Department had decided to deport him because of the multiple terrorist acts he had committed in the United States and other countries. The International Conference Against Terrorism and for Truth and Justice held in Havana June 2-4, 2005 was the beginning of an international campaign to denounce the double standards that the George W. Bush regime uses in its so-called struggle against terrorism and to also denounce the policy of state terrorism applied in our continent throughout the 20th century by Yankee imperialism.

Throughout this battle the people of Cuba have not abandoned their efforts for economic and social development and actually are carrying out numerous programs whose objective is a more just and caring society.

We anticipate more days of struggle and know that we will be accompanied on our quest by the Communists and other progressive forces of the people of the U.S.

We wish you much success in the deliberations and debates of the 28th National Convention.

International Relations Department
Central Committee


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