Greetings from the Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia

BY:Communist Party of Bohemia| July 20, 2005

Dear Comrades,

Allow me to convey to you the cordial greetings of 100,000 of your comrades in the Czech Republic; comradely greetings from the second strongest parliamentary party in our country. We wish you and your congress every success.

We hope that your congress will be successful in developing the struggle for social justice, for defending the peoples living conditions and against the attempts of the U.S. administrative to impose its domination and resist every new NATO interference and intervention.

Our Party very much values its fraternal and comradely relations with the Communist Party, USA. We say this because we know that you lead the struggle against the aggressive policy of U.S. administrative, for the rights of majority of people, for social justice and for the victory of democracy and socialism in your country.

I would like to use this occasion to inform you that our party is leading the struggle against anti-communism and is campaigning for a programme and proposals for solving the economic, social and political crisis in which the Czech Republic finds itself fifteen years after the putsch of November 1989 and the restoration of capitalism.

Our party vigorously opposed the Czech Republics membership in NATO, its wars of aggression against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. The so-called war against terrorism is only a veil for the pursuit of U.S. hegemony. We vigorously condemn the irresponsible attempts of the USA to attack sovereign states by labeling them as an axis of evil. We strongly condemn the aggressive policy of the USA and its provocations against socialist and free Cuba. We are also vigorously opposing Israels occupation of the Palestinian lands and demanding that UN Resolutions Nos. 242 and 338 are implemented.

Our results of parliamentary and regional elections showed that our partys electoral support is still increasing. Clearly socialism in our country has very deep roots and cannot be destroyed, as some claimed it would be.

Allow me once more to wish you every success in your personal lives and your partys struggle for peace, democracy and socialism.

Long live socialism!

Long live international solidarity!

Doc. Ing. H. Charfo, Dr Sc.
Head of the Department of International Relations


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