Greetings form the Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL)Cyprus


Dear comrades,

The Central Committee of AKEL, the Progressive Party of the Working People of Cyprus, extends to the 28th National Convention of the Communist Party of the USA comradely greetings.

We would like to thank you once more for inviting AKEL to attend your congress and apologize for not being able to send a representative due to several obligations as well as financial restrictions. However, we have great interest in following the deliberations of your Convention even from a distance and we would appreciate if you could inform us and send us any relevant material.

We understand that your struggle is conducted under really difficult conditions in your country. The U.S. is the center of the neo-liberal capitalistic globalization which imposes unfair economic and political terms on the less-developed countries of the world. At the same time, the American people are also victim of neo-liberal capitalism, since
the growing levels of poverty are leading more and more people to lose their jobs and their homes. The anti-social policies of Bush worsen the position of millions of Americans. At the same time, the already existing democratic deficits are deepened with more attacks against the democratic rights of the citizens in the name of facing possible terrorist attacks.

Apart from the internal situation, your struggles are also focused on the international situation. In the so called ‘new world order’ and the prevalence of capitalism, the USA has remained the sole superpower. Its external policies are driven by the determination to ensure and expand its world domination, as it has been clearly shown by the Bush administration and the dogma for ‘pre-emptive war’ and ‘fight against terrorism’. We highly appreciate the struggles of your party against these policies that threaten world peace, especially against the imperialistic war on Iraq.

The CPUSA, 85 years since its foundation, continues to defend the democratic rights of the American people, to fight for social justice and to demand a different foreign policy for the U.S. On behalf of the leadership and the members of AKEL, we reassure our full-hearted solidarity in your struggles.

Cyprus is itself a victim of imperialist plans, of invasion and occupation.

We struggle against the Turkish occupation of the northern part of our island and for the peaceful reunification of our country and people under a bi-zonal, bi-federal federation. Despite the last efforts to solve the problem on the basis of the Plan suggest by the UN Secretary General, a solution has not yet been achieved. We will continue to support and work for restarting these efforts as soon as possible, in
order to find a solution where the human rights and freedoms
of all Cypriotsboth Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriotswill be safeguarded. In our struggle we ask for your support and solidarity.

Dear comrades,

We reiterate our commitment in the bilateral relations between our two parties and express our willingness to strengthen these relations, despite the long distance between our countries. Accept our fraternal greetings and wishes for a productive and successful Congress that will strengthen your party and enhance its political work in the years to come.

Central Committee


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