Developing a strategy: A Marxist approach

BY:Marc Brodine| March 29, 2017
Developing a strategy: A Marxist approach


The CPUSA argues that the political situation in the U.S. requires a united front strategy to defeat the Republican right wing and Trump. How is this conclusion arrived at? What are the elements involved in forging a political strategy? All of these questions and more and discussed in this power point presentation.







    Marc Brodine is Chair of the Washington State CPUSA. A former AFSCME member and local officer, he is currently an artist and guitar player. Marc writes on environmental issues and answers many web site questions. Marc is the author of an extended essay on Marxist philosophy and the environment, titled Dialectics of Climate Change.

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Ben Reed | April 06, 2017 at 3:19 AM

As a member of the lower-paid, unrepresented segment of the working class, and a resident of a predominantly poor, racially mixed urban neighborhood, my personal observation is that the most effective and insidious tactic of the ultra-right, is perpetuating the fiction that America has a generous welfare state. By convincing many workers who share my own situation (low pay, low status, long hours, etc. ) that our unemployed neighbors are somehow living luxuriously off the meagre pittance still available to them via our social programs, the right is able to misdirect the anger of many among the working poor, creating the absurd misperception that the very poor, rather than the capitalist class, is to blame for situation. This fallacy, in conjunction with the right’s age-old tactic of race-baiting,was a major factor in the rise of Trump, and continues to be an impediment to the formation of a broad, cohesive solidarity among the proletariat of the 21st Century.

James Bailey | April 06, 2017 at 7:36 PM

Certainly, a congratulatory pat on the back for Marc. Social change comes from the light of compassion, empathy, mercy, and grace, not from the darkness of fear, hate, anarchy, bigotry, and violence. It never happens quickly but is a process of faith and believing.

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