CPUSA Statement on the China Olympics

July 23, 2008

The Beijing Olympics represent a vision of the kind of future for which the Communist Party USA strives: a world where people from hundreds of countries come together peacefully to enjoy a common cause.

205 states will participate in the Olympic games, many of whom are in conflict with each other. Iraq and the United States, Israel and Palestine, Russia and Georgia, the D.R. Congo and Rwanda, Sudan and Chad: All of these nations and dozens more will be part of a single, peaceful event.

Further, these Olympic Games will take place in a country that, despite some inevitable mistakes and setbacks, has and is continuing to move tens of millions of people out of poverty and works internationally to ensure a peaceful world order.

Millions of people will have the potential to see, with their own eyes, Chinas accomplishments. In only a few short decades, according to UN bodies, China has taken more people out of povertyin raw numbers and per capitathan any other nation in the history of the world. Modern cities have flourished, and while pollution and migration remain problems, these issues are being tackled quickly.

The thousands of people who go to China for the games will see the tremendous strides China has made in the past 25 years, strides towards greater openness and self expression.

Therefore, the Communist Party USA strongly opposes any attempts to politicize, disrupt or boycott the Beijing Olympics.

It goes without saying that we condemn the July 21 terrorist attacks in the Chinese city of Kunming, as well as the recent riots sparked by a small number of perpetrators in Lhasa, in Chinas Tibetan Autonomous Region. We are resolutely opposed to all forms of terror, and can never support violence against innocent civilians.

It is no secret that there are many who would like to do whatever is possible to undermine Chinas status as a peacefully rising power. We urge the world community to respect China and not interfere in its internal affairs.

While in general we believe everyone has the right to dissent, we fully agree with International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge, who said:

We do ask that there be no propaganda or demonstrations at Olympic Games venues for the very good and simple reason that we have 205 countries and territories represented, many of whom are in conflict, and the Games are not the place to take political or religious stances.

We believe that any call for a boycott of the Beijing games should be completely rejected.


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