Covid-19: Protect yourselves, protect our collectives!

BY:Communist Party USA| August 9, 2021
Covid-19: Protect yourselves, protect our collectives!


The global Covid-19 pandemic has killed more than 600,000 in the United States and 4 million worldwide. Several safe and effective vaccines have been developed and fully tested, and are now protecting millions of people from serious illness and death. The CPUSA recognizes that we protect ourselves, our families, and our communities by getting vaccinated and by following local guidelines regarding masking and social distancing.  We urge everyone who can safely do so (that’s almost all of us) to be fully vaccinated.

As CPUSA collectives begin to meet again in real life, we believe that anyone attending an in-person meeting should be able to attend with confidence that all participants are fully vaccinated.  A small minority of us have medical reasons that prevent us from getting the vaccine safely, and for others, immunosuppressants interfere with the vaccine’s effectiveness. Clubs, committees, and other collectives should have an option for comrades to join meetings virtually (e.g., Zoom or conference call).

Please protect your health and your community’s health.  We have lost many dedicated comrades to this virus; we cannot lose another one.

Image:  New York City MTA (CC BY 2.0).


    The Communist Party USA is a  revolutionary working-class  political party founded in 1919 in Chicago, IL. The Communist Party stands for the interests of the American working class and the American people. It stands for our interests in both the present and the future. Solidarity with workers of other countries is also part of our work. We work in coalition with the labor movement, the peace movement, the student movement, organizations fighting for equality and social justice, the environmental movement, immigrants rights groups and the health care for all campaign. But to win a better life for working families, we believe that we must go further. We believe that the American people can replace capitalism with a system that puts people before profit — socialism. We are rooted in our country's revolutionary history and its struggles for democracy. We call for "Bill of Rights" socialism, guaranteeing full individual freedoms.

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