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The Workers’ Party of Ireland

We are writing to express our deep sorrow at the recent terrorist acts perpetrated against US workers and their families. The Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Ireland, on...

Palestinian People’s Party

The Palestinian People's Party warns of the scheme of Sharon's government which is trying to exploit the bombing operations with planes that targeted the World Trade Center in New York...

October 8, 2001
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Japanese Communist Party (JCP)

Hijacked civil aircraft on September 11 crashed into the World Trade Center building in New York and the U.S. Department of Defense Building (Pentagon) in Washington D.C. These incidents, in...

Republic of Cuba

The position of Cuba against all kind of terrorist actions is well known. We cannot forget that for over 40 years our people has been victim of such actions, promoted...

BY: Republic of Cuba| October 8, 2001
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German Communist Party (DKP)

We condemn these attacks as they are counterproductive in the development of the needed solutions for those political and social problems facing us all. At the same time such attacks...

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