30th National Convention


Chicago | June 13-15, 2014


It’s been a brutal winter in Chicago between Polar Vortexes and snow-clogged streets. But by the time the CPUSA 30th National Convention rolls around June 13-15 it’ll be beautiful weather.

And it will be just in time to welcome hundreds of delegates, guests, allies, YCLers and international guests to the University of Illinois — Chicago to advance real solutions to the crises the American people face, elect new leadership and discuss “Building the Transformative Movement for 21st Century Socialism.”

We hope you can join us at the convention as either a delegate or guest. But even if you can’t, there will be live streaming of some of the sessions and live blogging.

Perhaps more importantly, thousands of members, friends and allies will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion that begins Feb. 1 and which will shape what comes out of the Convention.

We will be discussing stepping up efforts defeat the extreme right, curbing the power of transnational corporations, building the exciting transformative labor movement, winning a massive jobs program and living wage and full equality while strengthening the fight against racism, sexism, homophobia and hate, stepping up the fight to reverse the climate crisis and the movement for a demilitarized, sustainable economy that puts people and nature before profits, just to name a few.

The Convention Discussion will be conducted in many venues and formats including online discussions, teleconferences and video chats, and local meetings to ensure the widest participation.

A successful discussion will go a long way to ensure a successful convention. We hope you share your ideas, thinking and experiences.

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If you have questions, suggestions or problems, feel free to email the Convention Organizing Committee at convention2014@cpusa.org

And of course we look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

John Bachtell, Chair
Convention Organizing Committee
Communist Party of Illinois