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    If the CPUSA were to be in charge of the American government and economy and establish Communism in the United States, let's say after 4 years the people and the government want to reinstate capitalism again, would you let the people go back to capitalism or you would you deny...
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    Hi, Stan, and thanks for writing. Before thinking about the transition from socialism back to capitalism, it makes sense to look at how we understand the transition to socialism in the first place. Getting to socialism will require more than an election. Imagine CPUSA won majorities in every federal and state legislative chamber and took the White House and every governorship—even then, building socialism would be a monumental task. (By the way, to dispel a misconception: we do not see ourselves ruling a single-party state, as in the Soviet or Chinese models.  The multi-party system is part of the democratic traditions of this country, and socialism has to be built on those.) Socialism, for us, means working class power.  It...

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Gira de trabajadores siderúrgicos promociona proyecto de ley de infraestructura

PITTSBURGH (PAI): recorriendo el país desde el noroeste de Indiana hasta Tidewater Virginia y Wilmington, Carolina del Norte, el recorrido en autobús “We Supply America” ​​de los trabajadores del acero trajo a casa la necesidad de revitalizar la infraestructura de EE. UU., Incluida su cadena de suministro de materiales como...

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AFL-CIO Executive Council elects Shuler, Redmond to fed’s top two jobs

WASHINGTON (PAI)—The AFL-CIO Executive Council elected current Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler, now the federation’s Acting President, to hold the top job through its convention next year. Shuler, an Electrical Worker from Local 125 in Portland, Ore., becomes the first woman to officially head the nation’s largest labor federation. In its August...

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Bill of Rights Socialism

socialism in usa

Socialism is a common-sense path to a fairer, more prosperous and more democratic USA. Socialism is also a desperate necessity as capitalism and its unrelenting drive for profits threaten to make our planet uninhabitable. Working families in America – the 99% - between us create all the products and services that make our country the richest nation in the history of humankind. It doesn’t make sense that these collectively produced resources are owned and controlled by a tiny handful of billionaires. The fight for socialism is a dynamic process to fulfill the vision of a future of peace, justice and fairness for our nation and our world.

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BY: Dallas-Fort Worth Club| October 08, 2021

Dallas-Fort Worth Club: "We will fight back at all levels against S.B. 8."

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BY: Maicol David Lynch| July 02, 2021

  “Communists for Queer Liberation!” and “Remember Harry Hay and Sylvia Rivera!” read the signs of young Communists as they marched down 6th Avenue from Bryant Park to the Stonewall Inn located in the West Village this past Sunday afternoon. Over the past 20 years, the Communist Party USA and the Young Communist League have changed their stance on the issue of LGBTQ rights. Unfortunately, as a result of the “Lavender Scare” of the 1950s accompanied by McCarthyism, homophobia, and transphobia, the CPUSA did not always hold favorable opinions of its LGBTQ cadre. This year, the YCL and CPUSA in...

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