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“Narco country”: AMLO’s battle for Mexico’s north

“Narco country”: AMLO’s battle for Mexico’s north

In late October 2019, the Sinaloan town of Culiacán endured the dismissal of its chief warden, Eduardo Mendoza, after the escape and subsequent violent rampage of 55 prisoners. Aided and abetted by heavily armed convoys of paramilitary “Narcos” (drug cartel members) barreling down central avenues sporting military-grade hardware, main roads...

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Tribes stop major Arizona copper mine from ravaging ancestral land

Rising above the Arizona desert, the Santa Rita Mountains cradle 10,000 years of Indigenous history. The Tohono O’odham Nation, Pascua Yaqui Tribe, and Hopi Tribe, among numerous other tribes, have worshiped, foraged, hunted and laid their ancestors to rest in the mountains for generations. Mining corporation Hudbay Minerals proposed to dig...

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socialism in usa

Bill of Rights Socialism

socialism in usa

Socialism is a common-sense path to a fairer, more prosperous and more democratic USA. Socialism is also a desperate necessity as capitalism and its unrelenting drive for profits threaten to make our planet uninhabitable. Working families in America – the 99% - between us create all the products and services that make our country the richest nation in the history of humankind. It doesn’t make sense that these collectively produced resources are owned and controlled by a tiny handful of billionaires. The fight for socialism is a dynamic process to fulfill the vision of a future of peace, justice and fairness for our nation and our world.

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    I am writing to you, knowing that you will probably delete this email instantly, to express my opinions and ideas on communism. In a picture from your website, here, you portray two young boys, one with a sign saying “Youngsters need a future too”, and the other saying “Pro young future”....
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    Hi Braden, Before I get to your allegations of censorship, I want to clear up a couple of misconceptions. First, we do not seek to rule a single-party state.  Socialism in the United States will almost certainly involve multiple parties, sharing a basic vision of society even though they differ on how to best implement those principles (just as most Democrats and Republicans basically agree on capitalism).  Second, socialism doesn't mean that everyone makes the same amount of money.  It means that the working class, which includes everyone from fast food workers to doctors and engineers, will receive the full value that its labor produces. Since we'll no longer have to hand over half of the value we produce to...

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BY: Communist Party USA| November 20, 2019

A conversation about the impeachment hearings, what's behind the coup in Bolivia, and more.    

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BY: Communist Party USA| October 31, 2019

Editor's note: Alvaro Rodriguez, CPUSA International Secretary presented the party's contribution to the 21st International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties held in Izmir Turkey,  October 18 -20, 2019. Dear comrades, I bring greetings and warmest communist solidarity from the Communist Party USA. One hundred years ago, three dozen communist and left-wing socialist parties met in Moscow to coordinate the struggles of communists and left wing socialists.  Here in Izmir, most of us can trace our political roots, directly or indirectly, to that momentous First Congress of the Communist International or COMINTERN. We too are celebrating the 100th anniversary of...

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BY: Joe Sims| October 08, 2019

Editor's Note: Speech of Joe Sims, CPUSA co-chair at the Cleveland Ohio 100th anniversary celebration, September 29, 2019. Happy 100th birthday Communist Party USA! On behalf of the leadership of our fighting party, Rossana Cambron and I want to greet this Ohio celebration of our 100th anniversary. And we've got a lot to celebrate. For 100 years, our party has been in the thick of the class and democratic battles of our country, and that includes here in the Buckeye State. Today we remember and say the names of Charles Ruthenberg of Cleveland, who led the fight in 1919 to...

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