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National parks are dying as Trump swings the axe

Cabins in disrepair, rusting pipelines, crumbling trails. These are some of the attributes that currently define national parks, which are in a state of crisis. Long have their problems been swept under the rug, but now President Trump plans to make matters worse, putting these parks, their wildlife, and their...

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Teachers at Florida massacre site react, student calls out Trump’s hypocrisy

WASHINGTON — Teachers, students and the nation’s three education unions reacted with horror and sympathy to the latest school massacre, where former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Nikolas Cruz, 19, killed 17 people – 14 students, two teachers who saved other students, and the school’s athletic director—in Parkland, Fla....

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Marxist Classes

February 2018


8:00 pm

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Tell Trump: No coastal oil drilling!


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Pass gun reform NOW

We need significant gun reform, including an assault weapon ban, immediately.

socialism in usa

Bill of Rights Socialism

socialism in usa

Socialism is a common-sense path to a fairer, more prosperous and more democratic USA. Socialism is also a desperate necessity as capitalism and its unrelenting drive for profits threaten to make our planet uninhabitable. Working families in America – the 99% - between us create all the products and services that make our country the richest nation in the history of humankind. It doesn’t make sense that these collectively produced resources are owned and controlled by a tiny handful of billionaires. The fight for socialism is a dynamic process to fulfill the vision of a future of peace, justice and fairness for our nation and our world.

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    The father of communism Karl Marx says in his Manifesto of the Communist Party "In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property." People are not going to be handing over their private property voluntarily to the communists. This...
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    Thanks for writing in.  The phrase from Marx that you cite has been twisted and misinterpreted to serve the ends of the ruling class. The private property that Marx is talking about is private ownership of things like factories, banks, and railroads, which allow their owners to make money from the work of other people.  He has (and we have) no problem with working people accumulating  the sort of stuff needed for a comfortable life.  In fact, making life better for working people is what we're all about.  As Marx says, under capitalism, "private property has already been abolished for nine-tenths of the population." In other words, as long as the economy is run by a few wealthy people in...

Party Voices

BY: Joelle Fishman| February 06, 2018

The Connecticut district of the Communist Party had a busy year of struggle. Take a look a look at our video  reviewing the district's work last year.  From the fight for 15 to immigrant rights, to jobs for youth, the Connecticut Communist Party has been working to build resistance to the Trump agenda.  Key to the district's approach is working at the grassroots to involve ordinary working-class people, black, Latino, Asian and white in the fight for a better life.  This also applies to our election work whether it be for the Board of Aldermen, the State Assembly or Congress....

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BY: Carol Ramos| February 09, 2018

  Washington, D.C. --- In a tremendous show of unity, under a sea of Puerto Rican flags being waved high, thousands of Puerto Ricans and their supporters joined in the Unity March for Puerto Rico in the nation’s capital November 19 to demand justice for Puerto Rico. Demonstrators from across the northeast, Ohio, and as far as Chicago raised their voices in unison to demand the U.S. fully fund the relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which tore through the island more than two months ago. Most of the island is still without basic needs, electricity, and potable...

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BY: Dion Gullion| February 06, 2018

On Saturday January 20th,  protestors took the streets throughout the entire United States as well as other countries to protest the ultra-right agenda of the Trump administration and its attacks on immigrants, women, LGBTQ, minorities, and working-class families. The 2018 women’s marches continued the momentum and impact the marches had last year but with national implications given the midterm elections. Here in Austin the capitol of the second largest state in the union, we sported one of the largest rallies in the entire nation protesting the extreme right agenda of Republican governor Greg Abbott and the GOP dominated state legislature....

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