Will there be a Central Committee when we win socialism?

September 28, 2017
QWill there be a Central Committee when Socialism is established in the United States?
AHi Luca,

Thanks for writing in.  I want to start by making a distinction.  A central committee (or its equivalent) is an organizational feature of a communist party, not necessarily an institution of government. In single-party states like Cuba and China, Party committees take on roles in governance and policy-making.

It is likely that socialism in the United States will be a multi-party system--not just because we are used to a multi-party democracy, but because it allows for better management of conflicts and ideological divergences within a ruling class.  The Communist Party will be one party among others (a major one, hopefully!) in a working-class governing coalition.  In a situation like that, leadership bodies of parties would focus on affairs internal to the party, rather than on wielding state power directly.

Hope this clarifies things a bit.

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